Romance.... in a website

For a long time, I've had a love affair with the story of Il Pellicano. After all, my "C&C Influencer" is the hotel's CEO and Creative Director. I've followed the Italian hotel's journey for quite some time and with a recent visit to their website, I was again bewitched by the romance and allure incredibly palpable even in the digital form. Each description is its own feast of jet-set, the next word more magnificent and colorful than the other. Words you want to lap up with a spoon and revisit again.

 I have never personally stayed at the hotel, (although it might just be a stop on our honeymoon), but even a visit to their website is an experience worth savoring. The verbiage is poetic, whimsical and intoxicating, as if you were right there, living each moment with a dazzling smirk, aperol spritz in hand and the glittering sea in the near distance. The imagery is just as spectacular. I encourage you to get lost in the magic that is Il Pellicano. 

The Maidenhair

I have always loved the gracefulness of a Maidenhair fern. Their delicate leaves that flutter evoke a very feminine quality, yet they are often found in more rustic shady landscapes which in my opinion, presents a juxtaposition of beauty and resilience. They are in fact a big component of our floral scheme for our September nuptials. Greenery represents growth of course, strength, wisdom and vitality. I believe everyone could use a little more green in their lives. With summer in arms reach and new clients secured, I'm feeling energized more than ever. The potted Maidenhair ferns below were leftovers from a party this past weekend. They are sitting pretty in their perfectly patinated pots while I cross my fingers that they last until September!


Garden Inspiration

We'll be building our garden soon and naturally I've been re-visiting my archives to formulate the schematics in my head. This image, however, was recently shared by House and Garden UK in reference to city garden inspiration. Despite no longer living in a city, I do think I can extract many ideas for my own Newport garden. I love the manageable quality the potted and climbing plants have, and of course, the beautiful foxglove lingering in the background. The curvature of the stacks for what looks like morning glory are simple yet chic. 

city garden .jpg

Summer Fêtes & Florals

A great deal of my consulting work and passion for what I do involves bringing brands and collaborative energy together. In part, that's why I'm incredibly pleased to partner with Greenlion Design in hosting our Summer Fêtes & Florals workshop May 31st in Newport. 

Join us on the brink of our seaside summer to welcome it with an intimate evening of cocktails, cheer, and creation. Three entrepreneurial women (to include moi!) will curate and lead the evening designed to inspire and instill accessibility to an artful and effortless approach to entertaining. 

I will welcome guests with thoughtful cocktail conversation provoking the evening's collaborative and cultivated spirit. 

From there, we will learn about bespoke tablescape accoutrements from Ashley Begley. As Print & Pattern Designer at Lilly Pulitzer and Founder of Ashley D. Studio, Ashley will speak to the varying ways one can enchant guests by incorporating artistic elements into their entertaining schemes. 

Create a sumptuous flowing summer floral design in a compote as Kim of Greenlion shows you how to incorporate fresh cuts from the garden with seasonal flowers. Indulge in the late spring beauty and fragrance of peony, sweet pea, ranunculus, solomon's seal, viburnum and anything magical blooming in Greenlion's gardens. 

Retire from a magnificent evening with your floral creation and a set of bespoke place cards designed for your soon-to-be, summer fête!

I do hope you'll join! To learn more and register, please visit here

Final Green Lion_C&C_Ashley D Studio_INVITE_ (2).jpg

Back to Basics: Carolina's Chevron

With Carolina Herrera's "Last Bow" from her eternally glamorous fashion house, there seems to be great focus and reflection on the brand. Her pieces have always exuded such elegance and femininity. I love the color and timelessness especially embedded in her recent collection. This chevron gown feels like a subliminal nod to the "old school" sensibilities...something you'd see on a woman at a party in the 50s...As I like to say, the classics always win. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.09.19 PM.png

Carolina Herrera Strapless Chevron Gown. Shop here.

Blue Zinnias

I've always turned my nose up to faux plants, however this masterpiece breaks the barriers. The arrangement is handcrafted in porcelain and hand-painted copper by floral sculptor Vladimir Kanevsky. The level of intricate detail and artistry is uncanny... though, I would expect nothing less for a piece with a rather hefty price tag. Shop here. 

 Made in the U.S., the Composition is made up of porcelain, glazes, painted copper and terracotta.

Made in the U.S., the Composition is made up of porcelain, glazes, painted copper and terracotta.

A Cottage To Covet

It has been a long while since I devoted time to this blog, an outlet I tend to crave when things are chaotic. Alas, here I am. Between working, traveling, planning a wedding and plotting a renovation, I find myself here dreaming and lustfully admiring this space. Designed by Anne Hepfer, this dreamy cottage nook is one I wish I could slip away to, savor a perfect coffee and admire the blue and green through the windows. I love the upholstered banquette seating, black trimmed awning-style windows and divided dining... a fun mix of modern and traditional while paying homage to the grand outdoors (another thing I crave when overwhelmed). To view more of this project, click here.

 To view more of this project, click  here .

To view more of this project, click here.

Crazy For Crackers

I'm trying to get consistent with my posting but the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. There is so much to do and not enough time, the predicament I'm sure many of us face daily. I am however thrilled that the holidays are upon us. Visions of ribbon candy, The Haynes Sisters from White Christmas, and paper whites are dancing in my head...among many other things. I've suddenly developed a strong penchant for crackers after seeing so many chic tablescapes that are including them. We've had them at family dinners in the past, but I think they make for such a fun festive dining experience, especially if they compliment the table scheme. Christmas crackers, though historically an English tradition, seem to be making a comeback, and I'm now crazy for crackers!  

 Marbled Party Crackers. Multicolored artisan paper and dip-dyed silk ribbons. An exclusive item from the  Sugarplum pop-up , online and also at the St. Regis New York. 

Marbled Party Crackers. Multicolored artisan paper and dip-dyed silk ribbons. An exclusive item from the Sugarplum pop-up, online and also at the St. Regis New York. 

 Still crazy for crackers...  Fiona Leahy Designs  sets a "Chintzmas" tablescape with bespoke crackers tied with a simple grosgrain ribbon. So chic. 

Still crazy for crackers... Fiona Leahy Designs sets a "Chintzmas" tablescape with bespoke crackers tied with a simple grosgrain ribbon. So chic. 

A Saintly Setting

House by House and Garden UK is my go-to for visual stimulation and enchanting tales for all things interiors & gardens. A recent piece on this beautiful 18th century rectory achieves both the visual fairytale and intriguing narrative. A city-couple from London happened upon this gorgeous setting and lucked out just as it went on the market. Clad in wisteria, there is no shortage of greenery, blooms and garden areas which make this property all the more special. Read the full piece here

 All photography: Alexander James

All photography: Alexander James

Cathy B Graham

There are entertainers and then there are entertainers. Part artist, part host and pure magic. These are the people that were born to effortlessly construct experiences for their guests purely out of hospitable delight and the desire to create. They exude graciousness and glow when you enter their world. They are able to throw together a tablescape with the snap of a finger - and they certainly are not getting their inspiration from Pinterest. It is inherently part of their being. We all know a few of those people...

Cathy B Graham is one of those artists. Partly, because she is literally an award winning artist and illustrator enriched by education both at RISD and Parson's. With the launch of her book, Second Bloom: Cathy Graham's Art of the Table and a recent Washington Post article, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Cathy creations. 

cathy b graham 2 .jpg
  As seen in Veranda's June 2017 publication

As seen in Veranda's June 2017 publication

cathy b graham.jpg
cathy b graham3.jpg
  As seen in Veranda's July-August 2017 publication

As seen in Veranda's July-August 2017 publication