WSJ House of the Day

On the Coast: Rugged Beauty

wsjwsj3 wsj2 wsj1I've been captivated by the Oregon Coast for quite some time and it remains on my bucket list of domestic travel destinations. This home in Cloverdale, Oregon will be up for auction in two short weeks. Although there are several things I would do differently with the property, you can't ignore her rugged beauty & bliss - all 25 acres! See more here.

Blue Skies & A Rustic Calling

WSJ_1WSJ 3 WSJ_2While getting caught up on my WSJ Real Estate section, I couldn't help but be drawn to this unique 360 acre ranch in Stanley, Idaho up for sale. The sprawling property features breathtaking panoramic views of mountains perfect for hiking and skiing, converted sheep wagons for a rustic sleep retreat and best of all, a geo-thermal hot spring that flows into an outdoor tub. Pack your boots and whiskey, time for an adventure! Yeeeee-ha! Images via.