C Magazine

Gardenia! Gardenia!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.05.33 AM Thanks to a C Magazine read at SFO, I discovered a lovely company called High Camp Supply. The company, ships an elegantly sorted arrangement of gardenia, greens and Laurent Perrier Brut champagne (how lustful!) to your recipient in a beautiful box (white or black). The “Vine and Bloom” box for example (above), includes a nest of loose blooms surrounded by budding “vine” gardenias on 8-10 inch stems. After initial due diligence, it seems Oprah has included this gift on her annual "Favorite Things" list. Perfection, if I must say! See more here. 

Language of Color

nelson4 nelson3 nelson2 nelson1nelson5nelson8nelson9Amidst a haircut last week, I tuned my hairdresser out for a solid 15 minutes while engrossed in this article in C Magazine. Admittedly, the portrait of the handsome hunk R. Nelson Parrish is what immediately caught my fancy. The interview that accompanied the photographs however proved that there's more that meets his soulful eyes and athletic stature. The Alaska-born artist sits in his Santa Barbara studio, surrounded by leftover fragments of wood, fiberglass and bio-resin from his work, discussing the inspiration behind his art and life's tribulations that have brought him to some colorful intersections. Aside from his signature totems (which Rob Lowe and John Legend have purchased a bounty of), he also consults on selected projects, including "Soul Poles", limited edition hand painted bamboo ski poles. The artist says he was inspired by early morning back country skiing, an inspiration that eventually garnered a feature in Vogue, Outdoor Magazine, and the like. Be sure to read the interview above and view his portfolio here.