Integrated Marketing

Each C&C offering draws from an à la carte approach. Recognizing that each brand's goals and budgets differ, C&C will work with you to determine a tailored solution. 

C&C 1.0

THE NEED: This offering is designed for a business that currently has little to no marketing presence, or a grassroots business in launch phase. The business owner or manager acknowledges the critical need for some form of integrated marketing but simply lacks the time, resources and expertise to really sink his/her teeth into designing and implementing a strategy.  

THE C&C APPROACH: C&C will identify the appropriate marketing platforms for the business, enable configuration and lead the implementation process. (Ongoing managment can also be built in to this framework).

C&C 2.0

THE NEED: This business has some marketing measures in place but needs a jumpstart to effectively innovate and govern accordingly. Council is needed to understand if applicable platforms are being utilized and to what degree and potential they can be leveraged. Reporting is also of interest to better ascertain their customer's interests and interaction with their brand. 

THE C&C APPROACH: C&C will conduct an initial audit to determine the vitality of current marketing efforts.  Next, a comprehensive strategy with key success metrics will be developed for deployment, to include industry benchmarks and competitive analyses. A management and reporting timeline will be built and fulfilled accordingly. 

C&C 3.0

THE NEED:  In demand for a true partner in all things marketing, this business has most marketing measures in place but is seeking an expert that can lead & deploy a multi-faceted high-level strategy.  This business frequently has unique marketing needs, thus having a trusted resource to loop in accordingly will be especially important. 

THE C&C APPROACH: We consider this prospective client-partner to have highly distinctive needs and thus the C&C approach is incredibly individualized. Please contact us to learn more.