A Note About The Guest Experience. 

The magic of The French Laundry. 

Having been named "The Best Restaurant in the World" and awarded their highest rating of three stars for the sixth year in a row by the Michelin Guide San Francisco, Thomas Keller's French Laundry is no convenient triumph. Every minute detail in the culinary journey at The French Laundry is examined and refined, making the experience for the guest a seductive, magical exploit. 

Laura Cunningham, the restaurant's manager, is known for having hired a top choreographer to teach her waitstaff the grand secrets professional dancers hold. This then allowed her staff to float effortlessly around the diner's table, delivering each dish with the allure and grace a dancer might possess. The interaction with the guest through each course thus became more of an art form - morsels of theatrical moments - rather than just merely the action of serving a meal. 

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Details. Matter. 

There are countless details that shape the experience your guest will have with your business. They want to know you care by connecting with you in an authentic manner. This deeply impacts the level of trust your guest builds with you, dictating the longterm value of that guest. Which details really matter? 

C&C's Guest Experience offering helps businesses develop a deeper focus in connecting with the prospective journey your guest will live.

What does your guest see, hear and smell upon visiting your storefront, office or restaurant? Who do they interact with? How do you ensure you'll have the opportunity to delight them once again? 

  • How is your guest greeted upon their initial introduction to your business? (First impressions are everything, you know). 
  • Do your back-office operations impact your guest's experience? Can they be streamlined or altered? 
  • What does your guest see, touch, and feel when interacting with your business or service? Moreover, what might these sensory experiences say about your business? 
  • What expectations do you set with your guest when they complete their journey with your storefront or service? 
  • Is something just simply missing? Perhaps there is a certain facet of your space that has been neglected and not "on-brand" - what to do?