Hospitality with Style

Our honeymoon stay with Il Pellicano was all that and more. If you missed my prior posts, this Tuscan gem has been on my bucket list for a long while. Marie-Louise Scio, affectionately known as the hotels “Chef of Magic” (also the CEO & Creative Director and might I add, alum of RISD), has truly worked her magic to make this escape so enchanting and down right cool.

If I weren’t doing what I do, I would perhaps think more seriously about the hospitality industry. I find the industry fascinating - particularly high-end, privately-owned boutique establishments, like Il Pellicano. In my work, details matter, and Il Pellicano has mastered the details and then some. They have also mastered hospitality and making their guests feel at home. There is something about the level of this type of service in Europe…

I loved the repetition of the citrus yellow color around the hotel - from the chic beach towels, napkins with the most delicious seaside lunch, and striped bar where we enjoyed many aperol spritzes.

I encourage you to read on about the hotel’s legacy here.

il pellicano.png

Celebrating Cabana

One of the best parts of partnering with my clients to realize their creative goals is celebrating their company milestones. Whether or not I’m directly involved, it is a moment to reflect and take stock of all that we’ve accomplished together. That’s why I was so happy to share in the joy of seeing CABANA VINTAGE in Beach Magazine’s Labor Day Edition.

Pop the bubbly!

beach mag_alixe.png
 To read the full piece, view  HERE .

To read the full piece, view HERE.

Summer Whirlwind

What a summer it has been. Though most are convinced it's over with the passing of Labor Day, I'm still holding on.

It's been a particularly busy summer as I'm managing my  business and also planning my wedding. The cylinders are fired, every minute of every day!

For C&C, it's been a summer of tremendous creativity and growth. My client base has grown and in turn, the scope of my work has also. There have been a vast array of projects and initiatives, however one I'm particularly proud of is the creative direction I led for fashion house ISOUDE (@isoudeofficial). With the talent and partnership of Apparition for production, we were able to help share the narrative of a truly unique brand. Video is a powerful tool and one I strongly encourage most of my client to invest in. 

See for yourself:  

The Edited Eye

It's been a busy week for C&C with an impending photoshoot with House Beautiful for a beloved client and in the full summer swing of other client initiatives. I'm spending a great deal of time with my clients working on projects that center around content creation. Writing blogs, creative direction for videography, sourcing photography, and strategically designing content calendars....original content is paramount to any brand serious about their growth! 

Below is a montage of images I helped creatively direct for a shoot capturing a new construction project in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Even the raw elements of building can be pleasing to the eye...and it doesn't have to be uber high-end! It's all about presentation and that edited eye! It was important that this developer invest in photography to showcase the progress of this project as it marked a turning point in his development style. It was a slight departure from his usual methodology and we are so pleased with the outcome. 

Thank you, Melissa Quintal Photography for sharing your talent behind the lens. 

Jamestown Landing Montage (1).png

Summer in a Painting

It may not exactly be a painting, but it is a work of art. That is, this whimsically wonderful hallway by Miles Redd, one of my favorite interior designers.  To me, it evokes everything a beautiful space should represent...the perfect balance of simplicity and the sublime. Personality, punch and polish. Not overly contrived. Those characteristics are in many ways, ingredients to summer. Pineapple Hill, is the name of this majestic Bahamian home, and was featured in Architectural Digest last year. This hall is not the only jewel box of the home... there are rooms with tented ceilings, a master suite clad in Lee Jofa's fern print and a dining pavilion that will make you want to sit & sip guava juice for days. See for yourself, here.

Miles Redd .jpg

Al Fresco Dreams

4th of July is upon us and that only means one thing in Newport: Summer has started. Time to work hard and make time for outdoor indulgences.  Alfresco meals with friends amidst candlelight and salty hair from swims in the ocean...two of my favorite activities. Here are a few things that would fulfill my al fresco dreams...

 It's all about having the right tools, they say...  shop HERE .

It's all about having the right tools, they say... shop HERE.

 Foxglove are a predominant theme in our wedding floral. I have always adored the whimsical flower.   Shop HERE.

Foxglove are a predominant theme in our wedding floral. I have always adored the whimsical flower.  Shop HERE.

 A magical dinner scene at  Villa Cetinale , ( @cetinale ) in Tuscany. I adore the green glasses. Get the look "for less"  HERE.  

A magical dinner scene at Villa Cetinale, (@cetinale) in Tuscany. I adore the green glasses. Get the look "for less" HERE. 

 Fringe is IN. Made better when they are on sale. Shop  HERE .

Fringe is IN. Made better when they are on sale. Shop HERE.

Romance.... in a website

For a long time, I've had a love affair with the story of Il Pellicano. After all, my "C&C Influencer" is the hotel's CEO and Creative Director. I've followed the Italian hotel's journey for quite some time and with a recent visit to their website, I was again bewitched by the romance and allure incredibly palpable even in the digital form. Each description is its own feast of jet-set, the next word more magnificent and colorful than the other. Words you want to lap up with a spoon and revisit again.

 I have never personally stayed at the hotel, (although it might just be a stop on our honeymoon), but even a visit to their website is an experience worth savoring. The verbiage is poetic, whimsical and intoxicating, as if you were right there, living each moment with a dazzling smirk, aperol spritz in hand and the glittering sea in the near distance. The imagery is just as spectacular. I encourage you to get lost in the magic that is Il Pellicano. 

The Maidenhair

I have always loved the gracefulness of a Maidenhair fern. Their delicate leaves that flutter evoke a very feminine quality, yet they are often found in more rustic shady landscapes which in my opinion, presents a juxtaposition of beauty and resilience. They are in fact a big component of our floral scheme for our September nuptials. Greenery represents growth of course, strength, wisdom and vitality. I believe everyone could use a little more green in their lives. With summer in arms reach and new clients secured, I'm feeling energized more than ever. The potted Maidenhair ferns below were leftovers from a party this past weekend. They are sitting pretty in their perfectly patinated pots while I cross my fingers that they last until September!


Garden Inspiration

We'll be building our garden soon and naturally I've been re-visiting my archives to formulate the schematics in my head. This image, however, was recently shared by House and Garden UK in reference to city garden inspiration. Despite no longer living in a city, I do think I can extract many ideas for my own Newport garden. I love the manageable quality the potted and climbing plants have, and of course, the beautiful foxglove lingering in the background. The curvature of the stacks for what looks like morning glory are simple yet chic. 

city garden .jpg

Summer Fêtes & Florals

A great deal of my consulting work and passion for what I do involves bringing brands and collaborative energy together. In part, that's why I'm incredibly pleased to partner with Greenlion Design in hosting our Summer Fêtes & Florals workshop May 31st in Newport. 

Join us on the brink of our seaside summer to welcome it with an intimate evening of cocktails, cheer, and creation. Three entrepreneurial women (to include moi!) will curate and lead the evening designed to inspire and instill accessibility to an artful and effortless approach to entertaining. 

I will welcome guests with thoughtful cocktail conversation provoking the evening's collaborative and cultivated spirit. 

From there, we will learn about bespoke tablescape accoutrements from Ashley Begley. As Print & Pattern Designer at Lilly Pulitzer and Founder of Ashley D. Studio, Ashley will speak to the varying ways one can enchant guests by incorporating artistic elements into their entertaining schemes. 

Create a sumptuous flowing summer floral design in a compote as Kim of Greenlion shows you how to incorporate fresh cuts from the garden with seasonal flowers. Indulge in the late spring beauty and fragrance of peony, sweet pea, ranunculus, solomon's seal, viburnum and anything magical blooming in Greenlion's gardens. 

Retire from a magnificent evening with your floral creation and a set of bespoke place cards designed for your soon-to-be, summer fête!

I do hope you'll join! To learn more and register, please visit here

Final Green Lion_C&C_Ashley D Studio_INVITE_ (2).jpg