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You can think of C&C as a project manager for your brand. We’re your secret weapon behind the velvet curtain. The tool that helps drive the momentum of your business behind the scenes so you can focus on what matters most. We advise on a wide scope of creative and strategic business endeavors, from brand identity to internal operations, marketing campaigns, website build-outs, product launches and more. Part of our business model relies on the trusted network of our project partners. These range from technical resources to packaging experts, photographers and the like. We hold a carefully curated set of clients to ensure that each client receives proper attention. 


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After careful observation, it was noted that a great deal of lifestyle companies lack trusted resources to execute critical goals. Though wildly talented and driven, many of these business owners were keeping certain aspirations on the back burner for far too long because there was an absence of time and support to accomplish thoughtfully. With an appreciation for the creative world, matched with a process-oriented approach, C&C aims to help realize those goals while administering in such a way that honors the client’s own priorities, timeline and values. 

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The C&C client profile is varied but most often carries a common theme. Typically, our clients are early-stage to mid-stage companies with some form of pre-constructed identity or objective, seeking counsel on creative goals. We work with a range of companies, from fashion to antiques, interior design to fine jewelry. No two companies are the same and that is what makes our work so thrilling!


We’re proudly based in Newport, Rhode Island, a city by the sea that has helped shape the sentiments and sensibilities of our founder, Caitlin. Our client reach extends to Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma, Florida, Minneapolis, San Francisco and beyond.

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