Latest Love Affair

IMG_6354 With my Father in town, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check out the Dawydiak Showroom I've been dying to visit for some time. In the 4th grade, I used to sit on our stone wall with my childhood friend guessing what kind of car was barreling around the corner, based on its unique purr and design I'd sense in my peripheral. Like a top shelf glass of brandy and a cigar, encountering a beautiful car equates to savoring that perfect nightcap. The classics? Those gals just do it for me every time.

My Father and two of his friends accompanied me to the showroom to acquire intel on the inventory. The specialists at Dawydiak are one of the few that offer a vehicle consignment program in the area, in addition to collision care and service for Porsche, Spyker and Vintage imports. Their mantra is "obsessed and proud if it". You bet they are. Having just moved to a new location, the showroom was absolutely flawless, the light filtering in through the garage doors so peaceful it was as if I were floating on a Jaguar XK-E Roadster in heaven. Sam Cameron, the lovely sales gentleman who greeted us, gave us a special tour of the new collision care/service department on the third level - so new, concrete was still drying. Here, the fun continued as we meandered through a sea of imports getting dressed up with new coats of paint, racing tires, custom-made bucket seats in luscious red leather... the list goes on.

Below are the highlights from our visit including the subject of my new love affair, a 1957 Jaguar XK140 in an elegant pearly white (just look at her backside!). For those of you that need to see this baby in action, perhaps this throwback will help (fast-forward to 2:26). Also worth noting, the 1965 Porsche 356 in a custom baby blue with navy interior (also featured above), rumored to be the proud possession of the showroom's owner. Still drooling along with me? Not to worry, the WSJ's article this month can help make all your automotive dreams a reality. Steve McQueen, get back here! Oooooga!