Michael Kors S14

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"I got intrigued by the idea of convergence," Michael said. "Forties and Seventies. Romantic but tailored. Casual but polished. All that ying and yang."

Ying and yang me please, because this collection is just flirting with cheeky charm. I've always been mad for Michael Kors ready-to-wear, but this collection just sends me over the edge. Structured, yet clean wispy lines, carefree classic pieces with plenty of python, Michael Kors just keeps reinventing the wheel of classic tailoring for the All-American gal. Below, a brief snippet from a review by WWD to keep you gushing:

"It was with his dresses and jackets with manageably strong shoulders that Kors referenced the Forties most clearly. But he offered alternatives to tailoring in the form of spectacular knits, including a dreamy hand-crocheted cardigan and matching dress, and a slouchy cardigan worn over a tank and skirt — as unassuming as it was divine. And for the girl who prefers to wear her casual mien with a little sass: a white fox ring over a cotton boy shirt and shorts."

All images above courtesy of VOGUE. Click here to see images of the fun backstage at the Lincoln Center runway show.