Celerie Kemble & The Next Step Realty

CelerieWhile I do think Quest Magazine can be a touch too uppity for my taste at times, I do admire many of their features. In their August issue, they featured The Next Step Realty, a real estate brokerage firm founded by a handsome team of lads operating on a slightly different business model, with the objective of helping recent college graduates find their first apartments in Manhattan. Brilliant, yes? (Bring it to San Francisco, fellas!) In their September issue, Quest debuts a column with The Next Step Realty and the talented Celerie Kemble geared to help guide us twentysomethings as we move to the city and decorate our first apartment. I appreciate the relevancy in this column. For one, finding an apartment in New York and San Francisco is a full time job in itself (mental breakdowns included) and by the time you've rescued your sanity and are ready to decorate, you're lucky if you even have the wherewithal to do so. Am I right, or am I right?

Enjoy the inspiration and in the meantime, who is opening up the west coast The Next Step Realty office with me? Let's make it happen.

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