A Thatched-Roof in the North Sea

House Agent: Engel & Všlkers Adress: Hennig-Rinken-Wai 12, 25980 Rantum / Sylt, GermanyHouseAgent: Engel & VšlkersAdress: Hennig-Rinken-Wai 12, 25980 Rantum / Sylt, GermanyReally enjoyed reading this little snippet in the WSJ last week on the island of Sylt. The island, as the article explains, is a quaint island in the North Sea of Germany's coast which attracts many people who desire a getaway from their fast-paced lives and frankly, have the means to spend an outrageous amount on residential real estate. (Many buyers pay north of $5,000 a square foot for the idyllic thatched-roofed bungalows, which is insane to even fathom). Interestingly, most residents of the picturesque white-sanded village are indeed German or come from German-speaking countries. Very few international visitors come to Sylt. Despite the big-ticket price on real estate in the village, many of the homes are indeed small and are adorned with thatched-roofs. These roofs, as the article points out, are about 50% more to insure than industry standard shingled roofs. Intrigued? Check out this listing and let's pack our bags for a little R&R.