Spotlight on: Backen, Gillam, & Kroeger Architects

oak1sth1 Impressed by the architecture and design scheme at several frequented wine country destinations such as Ram's Gate and PRESS, I investigated. The discovery: an architectural firm behind a long list of projects - from wineries to hospitality and to my delight, several residences. Backen, Gillam, & Kroeger Architects has received several mighty awards for their outstanding projects and after examining their portfolio, it's no wonder why.

One of my favorite projects is a an Oakville residence (first photo above) comprised of a main home, pool house, children's club house and chicken coop (!). Another, is a St. Helena Farmhouse (just below). The designs blend traditional architectural styles with a California ease - pergolas beckoning you out to a saltwater pool protected by lush landscaping, open barn doors marrying a chef's kitchen and outside terrace as one, all positioned so that one may enjoy the best of each landscape. Every design celebrates outdoor living, one of the best gifts Northern California has to offer.