The Cure

photo3 water1 water2 water5The day after Thanksgiving. If you're like me, you're inevitably faced with a mild hangover and promising yourself you'll go on a juicing craze for the next two weeks. I've found that one of the best cures for a mental or physical hangover is salty air and finding time with the sea. In my younger years, this usually meant stumbling into a dinghy sailboat and going sailing with my college team mates working off our fun from the night prior....These days, the 'cure' has become an experience I crave for mental and physical stimulation. There is something about watching powerful waves meet with a rocky beach while the salty air stings your face and the cold penetrates through your body. You're frozen and uncomfortable, yet at peace and in awe, never wanting to leave.

Above:  Photographs from my latest visit with the sea, no doubt, the best cure. When was the last time you met with the sea?