Worn Wear

I'm feeling quite invigorated after watching Patagonia's "Worn Wear" short film, showcasing a selection of the brand's adventuresome customers and their loyal products they've cherished for years. Just last week, my sister and I were remarking on how many tears and stains adorned my Father's down vest and promptly took advantage of Patagonia's "Anti Black Friday" campaign, sending the vest in for repairs. As the film cleverly depicts, each tear and imperfection tells a story about a meaningful adventure or memory, thus, the product becomes a part of one's fiber and essence.

Patagonia has always been environmentally conscious and has for a long time, gained the respect of many for its corporate responsibility practices, employee activism, global outreach and quality products. They stand by their products and encourage their customers to "Return, Repair and Recycle" when possible. This year's "Anti Black Friday" campaign received a bit of flack from consumer studies experts, not to mention the company's "Don't Buy This Jacket" full page ad in the NY Times two years ago, however I think it's a brilliant marketing strategy representing the true moral code of the brand. (It should be mentioned that following the NY Times ad in 2011, Patagonia saw annual revenues increase by almost 40 percent over the next two years). Fancy that!

I particularly relied on the brand's Capilene® baselayers during frigid sailing regattas and practices up and down the east coast in my college years, which are still with me to this day. I consider myself a loyal customer and will continue to look to them as a leader in the industry and global community.

I encourage you to watch the video (here).