A Fairytale Hideaway in the Adirondacks...

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hbz-fashionable-life-kemble-dining-room-xlI have a deep affinity to the Adirondacks as my family has spent a great deal of time there. It truly is a magical part of our country and one that celebrates the simple pleasures in life and landscape. I aways get excited to tour different camps and love learning about some of the iconic fixtures and figures of the Adirondacks.

This month's issue of Harpers Bazaar highlights the talented Mother-Daughter design duo Mimi McMakin and Celerie Kemble (of Kemble Interiors), and their beloved camp outside of Keene Valley, a region my family and I often frequent. The home is layered in authentic Adirondack-style wood carved furniture, taxidermy and family antiques which preside over a sea of several Turkish kilim rugs, all of course divinely designed in true McMakin-Kemble fashion. The camp is named "Treetops" which appropriately plays on the treehouse inspired designs, which includes actual live birch trees in the dining room. A "Fairytale Hideaway", indeed. See the full story here.

Another of my favorite Adirondack must-sees? Amanda Brooks' camp.