A MUST in 2014

Live music has always punctured deep into my soul. I need it, I want it and I crave it. Upon moving to San Francisco, I was feeling a void from not being close to home to enjoy our local reggae band ("Hot Knives," anyone?!?). It was one night at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco (the "other" Boom Boom), I found my fix. When I first saw Will Magid and his band at the Boom Boom, I felt like I struck gold. Now, if you want to persuade me to see music, the mere mention of "trumpet" will really get me fired up. Will Magid's sound is vibrant with the sounds of horns, lively percussion, classical strings and energy like no other. Oh yeah, a whole LOT of trumpet.  (Think electronic meets funk meets soul meets New Orleans meets swamp). It's the kind of music that will make you high with your own sweat, infectious happiness and you'll find the dance moves you never thought you had.

Seeing Will Magid is like having a hot love affair - your mind fixates on the sensations you experience in the moment and you can only think about getting more. If you're like me and plan to integrate more live music into your 2014, get Will Magid high on that list. See their upcoming show schedule here and be sure to sample their sounds as well as like them on Facebook.

Above photo credit: Lauren Merrigan