Alexander the Great

alexandergilkesI really enjoy reading profiles of young innovators and entrepreneurs and stopped in my tracks when I read about Alexander Gilkes. Not only is he considered one of Vanity Fair's 2013 "International Best Dressed" (extra points in my book for the double-breasted jacket), he helped amplify the Krug brand through an executive role at LVMH (at a rather ripe age), and now, while working for Philips as marketing director and auctioneer, co-founded Paddle8. Paddle8 is an online auction house which aims to connect buyers and sellers of fine art and collectables across the world. The company offers 'Themed Auctions', which is a user-friendly auction platform for buyers and sellers that are curated by various figures, publications and institutions. In addition, they also offer 'Benefit Auctions' which I find particularly interesting as they call on non-profits to run their auctions online in various forms and truly help support those non-profit organizations expand their own support and recognition.

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