The Vision

Inspiration_Blog Header_The idea of having a blog appealed to me for quite some time. I have always followed many other blogs and have curated stacks of binders and journals full of clippings and inspirations I wanted to keep close to me. The idea of collecting these little tokens of beauty gave me such inward pleasure. I was desperate for an outlet to convey my musings and passions and after friends encouraged me to execute, I finally went for it. I'd like to think that I put substantial thought into developing a name and logo, however it was easier than I anticipated. I knew I wanted it to be whimsy, traditional and sentimental while it reflected my own personal style. The above is the "inspiration page" I created and sent to the lovely Mallie Pratt of MLP Studio. She promptly sent over a sketch of the logo and after a few minor tweaks, voilà! (More on Mallie's work, here).

From the beginning, I loved the idea of creating some sort of heraldry or crest and balancing the traditional with playful elements that would evoke a carefree aesthetic: citrus, for example, representing the ease of a summer season, dark hues of green to represent vitality and the natural landscapes I adore, and the vintage Chris Craft as a nod to my love of the water and the lifestyle I have enjoyed thanks to my family's shared adoration. Lastly, the cedar branches call on my affinity to the Adirondacks and the time I would spend with my beloved Nana on the porch of her home watching thunderstorms preside over Lake Champlain.

It's been so fun using C&C as a platform for exploring and sharing my musings thus far. Thank You again for your support and readership!