Take Me Back...

Mexico1jpgmexico6mexico4mexico3jpgMexico9mexico2mexico10mexico7 mexico13mexico12mexico5Mexico8One of my most memorable trips is actually my first solo trip I took last spring. Feeling bold, I signed up for a yoga retreat hosted by my two favorite yoga instructors held at Verana, a secluded luxury jungle hotel in the tiny town of Yelapa, Mexico. While the photos I snapped above certainly attempt to convey the magical color palette the resort and surrounding landscape offered, the experience was inexplicable.

To this day, the trip still feels like a slice of heaven that at last, defined any notion of "paradise" I may have had in my head. I woke every morning just as the sun crept over the lush mountains, greeted with a tray by my doorstep with coffee and a morning nibble. By day, we practiced three hours of yoga in a straw palapa, with visions of dolphins and whales in the background and the most exquisite, fresh meals throughout the day. As night fell in the jungle, we were again treated to the most delicious feasts, tequila tastings, dancing and night swims as candles flickered around us and the jungle hummed with night creatures.

I highly recommend Verana to anyone looking for a getaway and love sharing details from my trip. Please contact C&C with any curiosities: citrusandcedars@gmail.com