LIBBY KIRWIN (1)Meet Libby Kirwin. Libby, is my former boss, mentor and friend who played a large role in the beginning of my career. She is, more importantly, the founder of Libby Kirwin Real Estate ("LKRE") a boutique real estate and property management firm headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island. From the moment Libby and I met, we clicked and I couldn't wait to work for her - I never felt so confident trusting someone so quickly. She has the most discerning eye, infectious work ethic and unrelenting passion for her work. She is akin to that senior girl in high school that was untouchably cool. I couldn't wait to learn more from her every day and every moment with her was a learning experience.

CAH_LKREAs Director of Marketing for LKRE, I was responsible for developing and executing all marketing and PR strategies as well as leveraging our brand strategy. In time, LKRE really took off and exemplified the modern leader in what was traditionally, a rather stuffy, stale industry.

LKRE Inspiration_PDF_Living with Libby_Above: My first marketing campaign at LKRE, our "Inspiration Campaign" in 2011.

Given Libby's keen eye and exquisite taste, I believe one of her strengths is her design and renovation consulting business. Below are an assortment of transformations she is behind. Be sure to visit her website for the full LKRE experience. Thanks for your inspiration, Libby!

17 Oliver Street: BeforeKitchen117 Oliver Street: Afterkitchen222 Thurston: Before


22 Thurston: After


18 Burdick: Before

Kitchen before

18 Burdick: After

Kitchen after

Photo credit: The talented Melissa Quintal Photography