The S's of Sacramento Street

socialefromres socialefromres2 socialefromres3 I absolutely love Sacramento Street by day and by night. The two experiences are uniquely contrasting and the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco is one of my favorites in the city.

Many of you have written ( to ask for recommendations as it relates to restaurants, weekend getaways and even as specific as whether you should pair rananculus or anenome with white roses for a Valentine's bouquet. (I love it!) The two most popular requests seem to be for fabulous date night recommendations and the best place to take the parents when they roll into town. This recommendation below seems to work for both occasions and is one night I could live over and over.

The plan:

  1. Secure an 8:00 PM or later ressie at Sociale as soon as you can. (I like Thursdays and Saturdays for dining out. If you're taking a girl out for dinner the first time on a Saturday night, Godspeed to you. Big points).

  2. On the eve of your dinner, head to Spruce an hour before your dinner reservation for cocktails. Try their "Bitter Truth" or "Arnaud's Special". Sit at the bar, or, if you're lucky, opt for the sleek couches adjacent to the bar.

  3. Stroll across the street and down the brick pathway to Sociale for dinner. Both indoor and outdoor dining are just as lovely, but if you're feeling brave and the weather is cooperating, try sitting outdoors. Bon Appétit!
  4. Order dessert. Just do it. Their Chocolate Oblivion Cake is fantastic. And why not order another glass of vino...
  5. Stroll down Sacramento after dinner before heading to the car/taxi. It will be quiet by that time, but pleasant. Check out the window display at Sue Fisher King and Kendall Wilkinson.
  6. Soak up the rest of the time with your family/lover and off you go.
  7. Thank C&C for the recommendation.

Photographs above are courtesy of Tia Harrison, Co-Owner & Executive Chef of Sociale.