Mind Your Methods

whittaker6 whittaker5whitakker7 whittaker4whittaker1 whittaker3When I spent more time working on my creative writing hobby and dreaming up characters, I would paste a collection of photographs torn out of magazines into my notebook as a method of creating and developing the character. If the protagonist was a chic city Mother/renowned architect for example, I'd imagine what kind of perfume she would wear, how she met her husband, her favorite experience abroad, or perhaps think about her most remarkable achievements, and sketch them out on paper. The visuals helped me to connect the dots and bring the character to life. It seems every time I turn around someone is moving, redecorating, or renovating. I find the same method as described above particularly helpful in creating a new space. (Clearly, a little thing called Pinterest figured this out, too). The above images are from Ashley Whittaker's portfolio, one of my favorite interior designers. I find her projects to successfully blend light, texture and tradition into a harmonious balance of sophisticated ease. I have always kept the above photographs in my arsenal for when I needed inspiration to bring interior spaces to life.