Like Father, Like Daughter

DADbdayDadandIAbove: Salty and I on our job site - our first construction project together.


Yesterday, I touched on the joy of having a sister, and today, it's my Father's turn. My Father has lived the majority of his life with us three girls, which alone, deserves a gold medal. He is responsible for every ounce of practicality in my veins, my love of sailing and all things sea, and perhaps even my type-A perfectionism. I have distinct memories of building my first sandbox with him and my Grandfather, mastering the art of a perfect car wash at home (it's all about the rims and wheels), learning to drive our manual beach car (courageously sacrificing the clutch), and sharing a deep affinity for coffee ice cream and real estate. The Father-Daughter relationship comes in all forms and I am particularly proud to say that I have an amazing guy in my life. Happy Birthday to an old salty sailor - that's you, Dad! The big 6-1! I Love You.