The Good Life

hick11jpg hicks1 hicks2 hicks3 hicks4jpg  hicks8 hicks9 hicks11 hicks13 hicks14 hicks21 hicks16 hicks16jpg hicks17 hicks18 hicks19 hicks20 indiajpgWe all know "lifestyle" and "the home" are words often used together when thinking about where and how we will live. We dream up idyllic visions of a humble ski lodge nestled under a bed of tall pines where we can sip our morning coffee from canteens and snowshoe under blue skies for the afternoon. We think about the fresh fruit we'd eat for lunch, the afternoon sea breeze taunting us to challenge our windsurfing abilities off the dock of our island retreat down south. We smile, placing ourselves in a quiet green oasis miles away from the city where we can drink iced tea for days and marvel over our own garden while enjoying the local paper with a loved one nearby. I find myself thinking more and more about the things that make me happy, the surroundings that speak to me, and the realization that, I can actually actively choose these things in my life.

When thinking about creating my own home, and ultimately, lifestyle, I always think about India Hicks and her beautiful home in Harbour Island. For those that know it too, I'm sure the above photographs are not foreign to you as her home has been photographed time and time again. However, I go back to these photos thinking about the good life. What does that mean to me? What do I want? What can I live without? What does my soul tell me? What is beauty mean in my life ? Life is short and we have the power to fulfill it accordingly.

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