The Silver Thief

silver1 When I moved cross-country, I didn't bring much with me by means of furniture and home decor, but did tote with me my Father's and Grandparents' silver. I love the idea of integrating antique silver into any design scheme, particularly if it has any sentimental value. I get great joy from using my Dad's sailing trophies as jewelry troughs and bar accessories, and love serving my Pink Panty Punch in the same punch bowl my Great-Grandmother used for her parties in New Orleans. (Read more about the punch bowl's fruitful life, here). I look forward to one day flooding my home with their treasures as each one has a unique tale to accompany. I thought the recent story in Garden & Gun about the infamous "Silver Thief" was quite remarkable. Blane Nordahl, the man behind a long string of large-scale silver thefts in the south and beyond, has finally been charged after thirty years of suspected robberies. (Silver and the South often go hand-in-hand as it represented a new beginning after the Civil War. Because so much of it had been lost during the war, curating a new collection of silver post-war signaled that life would go on and people would prevail. I suppose Nordahl knew this all too well, too)...

Among other themes and takeaways, the article was a reminder to keep treasures like such under a watchful eye. Now I'm off to take inventory!

Read the full story here.