Get On The (Green) Wagon!

finalAs "millennials", we're at a stage in life where we begin to see our friends and peers do some pretty cool things in life. Living in San Francisco, we're especially privy to some unique innovators, dreamers and doers. However, let's face it, that pool of innovators is getting larger and so, when we discover a good thing, it can be transcending. On the subject of transcending, it gives me great joy and an immense amount of pride to introduce you to Green Wagon, the brainchild of my dear friend Brittany. Green Wagon is a delivery service of organic and gluten free snacks to businesses and homes. Each delivery, (weekly, every other week or monthly- you chose) is a curated box of delightful eats, all 100% organic, gluten free, vegan and non-GMO. Genius. When I discovered how well my package of dried persimmons complemented my afternoon cappuccino at work yesterday, I started plotting my healthy afternoon snacks for the rest of the week. (Think: coconut chips! chocolate covered goji berries! rosemary garlic pistachios!)

The concept truly does re-define snacking as the brand preaches and better yet, you can snack yourself to your heart's content with the satisfaction of knowing Green Wagon donates 1% of annual revenue to a hunger cause. Get on the Green Wagon!