Office Inspiration: Grégoire's Gem

cote sud coverescape1 escape2 escape3One of the perks of now working at an interior design firm is the sheer joy of being surrounded by tangible inspiration all day long. I am deeply affected by the landscapes in which I live and work in, and my new work environment makes me truly happy. Instead of the interior rigidness of a financial institution, I am now surrounded by a flood of rich fabrics and textiles, architects drafting elaborate blueprints, a sea of French antiques, and, a library full of auction and design catalogues. Thus, I bring you my latest obsession. If I could jump in to this landscape, I would. The images come from the French design publication Côté Sud and depict the most idyllic residence on the French Riviera. The vacation home belongs to Grégoire Gardette, legendary photographer, designer, publisher and graphic designer. Now all I need is a new white bikini, my Bain de Soleil and a tall glass of Pellegrino - dreamy! In addition to salivating over the serene scenes above, be sure to view Grégoire's portfolio, here: