From the Boardroom to the Bar...

heathpaine5mantonsocksheathpaine3socks1heathpaine4Paddle Shot-3381Meet Chance & Manton, Steve McQueen's modern-day muses. I've known this devilishly daring duo for a few years now and if you know them too, you won't be surprised to hear that they are up to something (again). This time, these captains of mischief are up to something particularly exciting: Heath Paine. The company was formed when Chance and Manton, who both share a penchant "for panache," heavy recreating and serious athleticism on and off the water, discovered there was a gap in the market for some bold socks that truly performed. Like these two fanciful fellas, Heath Paine socks are well decorated.  American Made and engineered with the utmost thought, Heath Paine socks are antimicrobial, meaning, they inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, eliminating any chance of odor, from the boardroom to the bar. Interestingly, they are made by weaving a silver ion thread (akin to the kind you'll find in Lululemon products), into the socks, to guarantee quality and a long shelf-life. Trust me, life will treat you well in these socks.

Monday marked Heath Paine's "Initial SOCK Offering" which was the brand's long anticipated debut. With initial designs, manufacturing and prototyping behind them, Heath Paine needs the support of you fabulous people. Please visit Heath Paine's Kickstarter page to help see this brand continue to sock-seed. In the meantime, contact the fellas for any inquires you might have on their products, or, if you're simply looking for a good time on Nantucket this summer, a handsome date at your evening fête, or in need of some good old fashioned story telling at The Gazebo, you're in good hands (or feet?).

Godspeed to you, Heath Paine!