"I'll Take You There": Muscle Shoals Sound

MS I didn't know what "Muscle Shoals" meant until watching this documentary, only to discover it is indeed a town along the Tennessee River in Alabama, and most notably, the breeding ground for some serious soul (anyone that has ever boogie-ed along to "Brown Sugar", "Mustang Sally", and "I'll Take You There", this is where you can relate). More specifically, the film centers around Rick Hall, the self-made founder of FAME Studios, responsible for bringing black and white people together among extreme poverty and tragedies, to create a new genre of music that has lasted for countless generations. Perhaps my favorite component of the film were the musings from Mick Jagger, Aretha Franklin, Etta James and the like, on the power of this "Singing River" music genre. For anyone that appreciates a little or a whole lotta SOUL like moi, this one is a must-see. View the trailer, here.