Questionable Pizza in Positano

positanopizzaplaceOne of my favorite go-to blogs is called This is Glamorous, founded by the ever so chic London-based Roséline. Currently, she showcases photographs for travel inspiration (see here), and the one above gave me pause. I couldn't figure out why, but then quickly realized it is a restaurant I went to with an old friend in Positano. We were so tired from a day of travel along the Amalfi Coast and ventured down the hill with his family for a late dinner. We quickly ordered a plethora of pasta, pizza and wine. Among one of our choices was the "American Pizza" which our waitress was making a great case for without providing us with much detail. When it arrived, we had a good laugh as the pizza essentially consisted of marinara and cheese, with sliced hot dogs and french fries on top. Needless to say, we didn't know if we should be flattered or offended, but it was hilarious. Of course, we ate it in its entirety. Ciao for now!