Tablescape & Landscape

blog7blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6I'll preface with the fact that you'll want (need) to look at this album in its entirety. Merely the tablescapes and landscapes from Erica Pelosini & Louis Leeman's wedding amidst the lemon trees in Capri brought me to a mental moment of lust. Tall orchids and fragrant rosemary in terra cotta pots decorated a dimly lit dinner table post nuptials, while a collection of citrus and bougainvillaea speckled a table for the rehearsal dinner the night prior. The tablscapes and landscapes were just small components, however - this wasn't just a wedding - it was truly an event. The Italian fashion maven and Dutch shoemaker certainly threw quite the fête, Instagram-ready at every glance, for even the most discerning eye. See more, here.