The Ultimate Luxury

garden2 garden5garden20 garden6 garden7 garden8garden19  garden10 garden11 garden12garden17garden14This weekend certainly had me thinking. I spent it with my two best friends, soaking up the sunshine across the Golden Gate bridge at a dear friend's home. Early mornings were spent with refreshing swims in the pool, followed by coffee on the terrace while listening to the birds hum their morning tune and watching the sun fill the yard with its warmth. We hunted for fresh cherry tomatoes and scallions in the garden for omelet ingredients, and later poured ourselves into books and magazines by the dark-bottomed pool. I found myself reflecting on how simple our days were, yet how happy they made me. Perhaps this is the definition of summer to many, however that definition changes when you live in San Francisco. Just the vision of lush shrubs and greenery and the act of sourcing our breakfast ingredients from the garden filled my soul with delight. A joyful garden, in my opinion, is an ultimate luxury. I am devoting this post to the simplicities of life and the beauty and luxury they often bestow. Images above are from Mark D. Sikes' curated collection via Pinterest. Be sure to follow his blog, also, a C&C favorite!