Jakobs of Gotland

JakobsExt4 JakobsExt5 JakobsInt1 jakobsInt2GotlandCoast2 JakobsInt3 JakobsInt5 JakobsInt6I think I've met my match. My trip back east allowed me to relish in many simple pleasures I missed. As I return to my routine, I find myself day dreaming of another escape. This restored farm house on the Swedish island of Gotland is nestled among 2 acres of green gardens, a bike ride away from the sea and thoughtfully dusted with beautiful interior pieces in true Scandinavian style.  Known as Jakobs of Gotland, this property is available for rent by the long weekend in winter, or week in summer.

Naturally, my stay at Jakobs has already been sorted out in my head. I have visions of reading on the terrace in a white chemise, only glancing away to watch the branches on the trees sway in the morning breeze. In the late afternoon, I'll bike ride to the sea for a long swim before supper, returning to visit the sauna in the barn. Then, I'll retreat to the garden to pick herbs, flowers and produce for supper outside and dine with acquaintances I've met in the nearby town of Visby. When the laughter and dim candlelight subsides, I'll retreat indoors for a glass of scotch or port, my eyes fixated on the glow of a hearty fire...It seems every day at Jakobs is a verse out of a pastoral poem.

Learn more about Jakobs of Gotland here and be sure to see Net-A-Porter's feature as well! Owners Anna and Andi are lovely as ever and available via email to address your inquires.

(Photography credit: Ken Kochey and Katarina Grip-Höök’)