Most Powerful Women

goopThe former CEO of Martha Stewart's company, Lisa Gersh (L- above), just got scooped up by Gwyneth. That's right, Gwyneth Paltrow's scaling company, GOOP, the online lifestyle startup just scored a big player, in an effort to expand the business. If that little tid-bit is of interest, perhaps you'll find the below intriguing: Today, I'll spend a decent portion of my day watching the live stream of Fortune's annual "Most Powerful Women Summit" (MPWS). Yesterday marked the first day of the annual event and will include panel sessions with speakers such as Tracy Anderson, fitness to the stars and founder of The Tracy Anderson Method, Melinda Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Julia Hartz, Co-Founder and President of Eventbrite, Jane Lauder, Global Brand President of Clinique and The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Carolyn Everson, VP, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, and Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors.

The event was started in 1999, with the intention of gathering prominent women in business to engage in proactive discussions regarding global business issues, leadership challenges, industry trends and the modern day successes and conflicts women in particular face in such a landscape. Monday marked the launch of Fortune's digital Most Powerful Women Channel, which serves as a platform to share such topics from an insider's perspective. To see a complete list of speakers for this year's MPW summit, click here.