Caitlin Hill- Headshots-27One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is actually not my own, it is my Mother's. In fact she knows that when I'm home visiting, if it has disappeared from her "secret" jewelry box location, it is likely on my wrist. It's nothing overtly fancy or shiny, but more importantly, it tells a myriad of stories about my Mother's life, mostly memorable moments or personal achievements. Ah, the beauty of a charm bracelet. The bracelet itself belonged to my Great Grandmother whom I didn't know too well, but well enough to remember her fondness of jelly beans. I can point to the charm full of pink sand from Bermuda's beaches and my Mother will tell me about a stay on the island to cheer on my Father who was sailing a regatta.  She'll show me the charm my Grandparents gifted her when she graduated college  in upstate New York and I'll wonder how similar we might have been during that time of our lives. When I ask about the meaning behind the snowflake charm, my Mother will giggle and explain "Because I love snow!". I'll smile knowing this is in fact true, as the vision of her bundled up with a pair of snowshoes on in the Adirondack Mountains dances in my head. I love the power of the narrative, and a charm bracelet can certainly aid in such a tale. I hope to one day have my own charm bracelet to share with my grandchildren.

Photograph Above: Yours truly with my Mother's charm bracelet on. Thank you to Maaike Bernstrom Photography for the shot!