40 Under 40: Words of Wisdom

liu wenliu-wen7liu-wen1liu-wen4Fortune just released their 40 Under 40 list and while such a list often comes with speculation and a few jealous naysayers, I find these sorts of lists rather intriguing. The magazine asked their class of their 40 Under 40 what they would tell their 20 year old selves. Here are a few replies I personally connect with at present in my life: It was the same advice that I gave myself when I was 20, which is, any time you have a difficult decision, imagine yourself as a 90-year-old looking back at this moment. What decision would you wish that you would have made? Go forward and look backward.   Nick Woodman, Founder & CEO of GOPRO

Construct your own definition of success, don't let the world do it for you. Just because someone puts a carrot in front of you doesn't mean you have to chase after it.         Michael Patterson, Partner, Highbridge Principal Strategies

I would tell myself that life is going to be really, really unexpected and not to be easily discouraged about whether or not I picked the right class. You never know where you’ll end up and just have to keep moving forward.                                                                 Vijaya Gadde, General Counsel, Twitter

Visit your mother more often.                                                                                             Nate Morris, CEO, Rubicon Global

Keep up that relentless determination but couple that with some faith. You’ll find that you spend less time managing your anxiety and fears and more time getting things done. Tristan Walker, Founder & CEO, Walker & Co.

Photographs Above: Vogue China's May 2010 Editorial staring Liu Wen via.