Le Postcard

lepostcardStephanie Steinman (above) has created Le Postcard, a site that profiles the travel habits of wordly influencers. See below for a sneak-peak. lepostcard1Jessica de Ruiter dishes on her farm life in Canada. She feasts on river trout with her family and relies on the property's well water to keep her skin glowing...more here.

lepostcard2Jeanann Williams heads to Greece for a girls trip with her teal luggage et al...more here.

lepostcard3How fitting...one of my favorite jewelry designers in one of my favorite locales: Aurélie Bidermann plays in Positano...more here.

lepostcard5Sabine Ghanem heads to Harbour Island with her lover and friends. See what she did aside from the reggae and snorkeling....see here.

meredithmelling-550x550Meredith Melling opens up about how she pines for Pringles in hotel mini-bars and how she dreams of a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee... (that makes two of us)!