Gentlemen: Virtue and Merit

Characteristicks_of_men,_manners,_opinions,_times_Vol_2.djvuWhen I landed at SFO late last weekend, I witnessed a man greet what I presumed to be his wife, with open arms and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He was grinning cheek to cheek so much that I couldn't stop smiling as I witnessed this raw moment of joy. The week before, I befriended a handsome stranger who walked me six blocks to work under his umbrella so I wouldn't get caught in the rain. When I visited with my Aunt & Uncle in Boston, my Uncle, without any hesitation, would open the car door for my Aunt and me every single occasion. Social decorum, kindness and thoughtfulness are some of the most attractive qualities, in my opinion. These acts of course go both ways, however I find it particularly refreshing in this day in age when I see men exhibit such niceties. My guy friends and male cousins back east are especially virtuous in this regard, however I seem to notice less of it out west. Mind your manners, gents!