'The World's Most Important Car Company'

teslaMorgan Stanley has called Tesla Motors 'The World's Most Important Car Company', that is, the company that has ~$28B in market capitalization. The Model S, the seductive sports sedan released in 2013, can be seen on the daily in California, quietly whipping around the steep hills of San Francisco, on the 101 headed to its driver's post in Silicon Valley, or perhaps on weekends, whisking a couple away to a winery in the Mayacamas. No matter where the car (and driver) finds itself, heads continue to turn. The year the Model S was released, it earned the distinction of Motor Trend Car of the Year, outselling the Mercedes Benz S Class, the BMW 7 Series, and every other large luxury sedan. Impressive stuff. As the company is still a topic of fascination for car fanatics and the business world, Business Insider released an article about Tesla Motors in early November of this year. The article is rather provocative in content, detailing what many argue is the real origin of the company, which involves a date in Disneyland, a New Zealand-born race car driver and an embarrassing NYTimes article...read the article in full, here. 

Above: Elon Musk (Co-Founder & CEO), celebrating Tesla's IPO.