The Kids Table

kidstableOften when we would host or attend dinner parties and holiday events with my family, my sister and I would be stationed at the "kids table" away from the adult chatter. As the oldest cousin, I absolutely hated this tradition. I wanted to be part of the adult conversations and thus, spent my time at the "kids table" eavesdropping on the conversation nearby. (To this day, I don't miss a trick). I always found adult conversation so intriguing - the political and economic debates, the neighborhood gossip, the sexual puns and nearly all the subjects they "thought" were shielded from youngsters not in the main show. While I am in support of this tradition now in my adult age, I do think the Thanksgiving Holiday begs an exception. The beauty of the holiday, in my opinion, is literally getting everyone together to enjoy each other's company. It is time to relish in the organic havoc that might occur at the dining table, a time to converse with someone you wouldn't ordinarily interact with, and a time to reflect on your collective experiences, triumphs and failings in the past year. This year, nix the kids table.