About Town in Boston: B&G / No. 9 Park

image2Boston restauranteur Barbara Lynch Gruppo has left a twinkle in my eye. During a brief stay in Boston, I had the pleasure of dining at B&G Oyster and No. 9 Park, two of her eight restaurants in the Red Sox nation. B&G Oyster proved to be the perfect landscape for an afternoon lunch on a chilly winter day in the South End. We shared oysters, a snap pea salad, brussels sprouts and moules frites accompanied by wine. The restaurant is a modern take on the classic New England oyster bar. In the summer, their patio is apparently all the rage. That evening, we braved the cold and went to Beacon Hill and ate at No. 9 Park. Tucked away in a historic townhouse, the restaurant is an elegant jewel box that has rightfully earned acclaim for their outstanding wine collection and French and Italian inspired cuisine. Dare I say, the cheese platter alone outdid some I've swooned over in San Francisco, and lamb accompanied by a decadent gorgonzola fondue was impressive. Both experiences proved to be memorable and I'm looking forward to returning.

Above: a snap from our lunch at B&G Oysters.