The Prince of Wales & The Future of Food

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Sunday's lunch read was rather fitting. As I nestled up at the bar at Saltwater, my favorite oyster depot in Pt. Reyes, I began chatting with the bartender who supplied me with a copy of 'The Prince's Speech: On The Future of Food.' On May 4, 2011, The Prince of Wales gave the keynote speech to the Future of Food Conference at Georgetown University. This pocket sized book contains an essay adapted from such remarks. In his speech, he touches on the destructive elements that currently face food production, challenging the modern world to focus on creating more sustainable approaches to agriculture while drawing on facts and statistics that will leave you baffled.

Prince Charles' speech is a compelling, thought provoking call to action and one that left a lasting impression. As I enjoyed my oysters, I couldn't help but smile thinking about their harvest and home, one that I spent the weekend marveling over. Pt. Reyes National Seashore is one landscape that has a special place in my soul - one that feeds it in such an inexplicable, authentic nature. The speech was an ever so subtle reminder to continue to think about our food, how it's harvested and the key stakeholders affected in such processes. In that moment, I was no where near having the small town blues, I felt connected and capable of making an impact.

To access the speech in soft copy, visit here or watch here.