A Must in Mill Valley

mill mill2 After a quick read on Mr. Porter, I'm intrigued to try Todd Shoberg's new restaurant in Mill Valley, Molina. Molina is known for its evolving take on a variety of ingredients - all of which are sourced from the Northern California mountains, sea and valleys (think wild chanterelles from the Mendocino mountains, black cod from the waters of Fort Bragg and Douglas fir from the nearby mountains). The San Francisco Chronicle named Molina one of the best new restaurants to open in the Bay Area his year. The immediate success is no doubt a product of a trifecta of measures: proprietor and chef Todd Shoberg, known for shaking things up in his kitchen, may it be in music or menu, a wine list curated by a Bar Tartine alumnus, (featuring rare orange wine, among other selections) and its local Mill Valley patrons that seem to flock at the notice of a business that supports the surrounding hills we all so adore. View Molina's menu here and set forth on your culinary adventure.