'The Fraternity of Fine Cuisine'

Slide1Brunswick, aka royalty in the PR agency world, just ran a piece in their Brunswick Review Spring issue about Alain Ducasse, the first chef to ever win three Michelin stars for three restaurants in one year (Paris, Monaco, and New York). The New York Times has called him the "godfather of French cuisine" while he has continuously defined his business (empire) as "culinary pleasures and the art of hospitality." The Brunswick piece runs through the star system that began in 1926 when the Michelin tire company began to send anonymous inspectors to review restaurants and in turn, award stars. A single star, the article highlights, can boost receipts by 20 percent while the loss of a star can be traumatizing, both emotionally and financially for chefs around the world. Alain holds himself to such high standards and as you read the article you immediately sense his craft and the artful manner in which he approaches his work. One of his company's values reads: Act in harmony to deliver a flawless ballet. Another: Reach perfection with rigorous practice. 

We must continue to cherish the work of such an artist as his work products along with many other chefs' creations, help remind us the true pleasures and indulgences in life. Read the article in its entirely here.