Chef's Table

ChefsTable_Dish02_Vertical_KeyArt_USI'm currently obsessed with Chef's Table on Netflix, a new series that profiles some of the world's best chefs, the culture in which they live, the causes they champion and the things that inspire them. I've seen two episodes so far and cannot wait to dive into another. The first episode profiles Massimo Bottura, the chef behind Osteria Francescana, the third best restaurant in the world located in the idyllic Modena, Italy. His restaurant celebrates authentic Italian cuisine while taking on a modern approach, one that was for a while, difficult to adapt to. The second episode profiles the work of Dan Barber who is behind New York's Blue Hill and Blue Hill Stone Farm. He is championing an evolution in the way we farm and think about food and its origin. I highly recommend this series. To catch a glimpse, see the season's trailer, here.