Salty Girl Seafood

image1 (1) I went to high school with Norah Eddy, a friend whom I've always been smitten by. She was athletic and well liked in school, not to mention a fellow water baby who was constantly in the ocean surfing in that kind of badass-one-of-the-boys kind of way. We lost touch over the years, but recently, I saw a news clip on the company she co-founded, Salty Girl Seafood. I had to know more...

Salty Girl Seafood's mission is to drive change in the seafood industry by empowering fishermen to promote stewardship of oceans. They are on a quest to improve the access to sustainable, traceable seafood across the U.S.

In short, Salty Girl Seafood sells fish products that are sourced directly from the fisherman that actually caught them. Each packaged fish product lists the name of the captain who caught the fish in addition to where and the nature of its species. This eliminates the possibility of fraud, not to mention, lends to the peace of mind that you're enjoying fresh seafood that was harvested using supportable practices. Each product has a unique code on the packaging, allowing you to trace your fish. (Let's face it - the last thing you want is to eat a piece of salmon that encountered endless hands in the supply chain from overseas over a period of unknown time).

I love nothing more than seeing friends chase their dreams and take bold measures to change the world. Norah's company, Salty Girl Seafood, is exemplary of exactly just that. With mentions from the likes of Forbes and the shear transparency of their core values, Salty Girl Seafood is on its way! Best of luck, Norah and team! xx