'Skinny, Slow and Obstreperous'

OD-BJ520_MOPEDS_P_20160301135859One of the first case studies I read for business school was on the strategic repositioning of Ducati, the Italian maker of high-end sport motorcycles. Surprisingly, I found the industry, culture and company's growth strategy, fascinating. As such, it seems I've developed a radar for motorbikes and scooters. Growing up, my Father had a few Yamaha Chappy scooters from the 80s, clad in a vintage hue of canary yellow. I used to ride them around our back yard between the blueberry bushes, waiting for the day I could have my own. Sadly, my Father sold them and I have not let him forget this unfortunate reality. The WSJ recently published an article titled "The Vintage-Moped Resurgence" that highlights the recent allure around the "skinny, slow and obstreperous" machines. Despite their less than favorable environmental impact, they seem to be in vogue, once again. Read on, here.