THE LAUNCH: Private Newport's Parterre Bench

Private Newport_Parterre Bench_ BPparty-121

I am pleased as punch to see the launch of the Parterre Bench come to fruition today. C&C Consulting, along with the Private Newport team, worked tirelessly and passionately to truly bring a dream to a reality. The Parterre Bench is a beautifully-scaled, custom bespoke garden accessory that commands celebratory order. It is available for any discerning eye to bring home to their own garden setting.

My client was inspired by a whimsical bench spotted some 30 years ago at Birr Castle in Ireland. She then specifically created a bower in her own Newport, Rhode Island garden (one that effortlessly mirrors Gardens of Versailles, mind you), to house the custom bench she designed to satiate her dreams. Years later, with some guts and grandeur, we are thrilled to bring the Parterre Bench to market.

DO: Get inspired & watch this video.

Thank you for your support & Happy Gardening!


C&C Consulting

(Photograph above shot by the uber talented Jodi Paquin |