The Hacienda at Scribe

Scribe Winery (Sonoma, CA), recently transformed a deteriorated, flaking 19th century building (once the home of a turkey-farming family), into a hip haunt, vibrant with fauna and food. The structure was abandoned for twenty years and after used for gatherings sparingly by the winery, the Mariani brothers (owners) took care to restore and reimagine what is now affectionately known as The Hacienda. Each detail is meticulously delivered - from the bolstered pillows on the custom-made banquets, to the seductive playlist flooding the tasting terrace - the setting is a feast for the senses. C&C had the pleasure of examining this new structure whilst on a California adventure.

C&C Tip: Enjoy Scribe's Food & Wine pairing on the front terrace of the Hacienda. Feast on garden Tokyo radishes and a Scribe salad with noyeaux and orange vinaigrette and blossoms, accompanied by a glass of Scribe's 2014 Estate Chardonnay. (Even as one that does not typically drink Chardonnay, I fancy this varietal very much!). Savor strawberries while watching the palms sway and laughter roar behind a statuesque pillar nearby. Salut!

View the restoration in Architectural Digest, here.