Oh, What A Night!

Celebrating Mark D. Sikes and his Coastal Living Idea House in Newport, Rhode Island. 

I've had a few "pinch me" moments the past few weeks. There is of course a longer, more contextual narrative to note at a later date, but it really boils down to a very special feeling that I hope will never fleet.

Feeling nurtured, inspired, challenged and respected are some of the most important things in life - all feelings everyone deserves to, and should, truly feel to their core, at least for some juncture of their life. When I was younger, I was told by a very influential mentor to "select your own board of directors in life" - both personally and professionally. As I've gotten older, I have learned how incredibly important that mentality is, and how the company you keep, truly shapes your own life perspective, approach and definition of success.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent the past few weeks with some accomplished individuals - architects, designers, artists and creators - all of whom embody the feeling I described prior. They champion for each other's successes, share their varying perspectives and experiences, and brainstorm on creative solutions for each other's work. The sense of community and unity is incredibly palpable. The authenticity and passion for their respective work is rich and never wavers.

In a strange way, in a short span of time, many of these individuals feel like family. They have taught me such a simple lesson - a beautiful one that I will always cherish.

Life is short - choose your board wisely and don't forget to celebrate the milestones along the way. Champion for and nurture others, and follow your heart and intuition.